Are dylan and coleysia still dating

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I cannot wait to see part 2 of this emotional espisode next week! MTV is either tricking us with their bios or they would be insane to think two people that move too fast are a match. There were only two perfect matches the first week. Here is the correct list of matches: Dylan and Coleysia 2. Ethan and Amber 3.

Are You The One: Where Are The Couples Now?

Chris T and Paige 4. Adam and Shanley 5. Ryan and Jes 7. Dre and Simone 8. Joey and Brittany 9.

Chris S and Jacy So, going with what we know already about the correct couples as well as doing the logical breakdown, here is what should be the final outcome:. Since I clearly have too much time on my hands, I found a way on paper and with only using the information in the house to determine the 10 matches.

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  • The ‘Are You the One?’ Tracker;

It took 30 minutes. Using the results from Week 2 with 4 correct matches: This leaves 5 couples who make up the remaining 3 correct matches: There are only 10 different ways to match 3 of these 5 couples. I think you took a great approach to working this out by starting with the week 2 results as a baseline, very smart. Very cool to see that the info is already there and fairly easily available if you take the right approach.

Dillan & Coleysia's Suite - Ep. 6 Extended Scenes - Are You The One? - MTV

I wrote out a Python script that got the same numbers as both of your posts. It returns the final solution in 0. The problem in general is really interesting to me but I struggled to find an elegant algorithm. Aside from the intriguing concept of the show, I knew Ryan from high school, so the drama is kind of hilarious to watch. This is for sure it. I did all the calculations and these all were consistent with the past weeks: I bet my husband this is the list.

All the matches are listed here, with charts and explanations. Using math, I have figured them all out.

Season 1 (with Spoilers)

See the definitive list here! This is definitely it in episode 8 they had 8 matches and if you go back to week 1 you see wes and kayla and dillan and coleysia are the two matches which means ashleigh and scali cant be a match so if you switch them and pair scali with jacy and asheigh with JJ this list should be golden. Please, update the board.

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I see on MTV Brazil but it is in episode 6. I want to know what it is happening. As noted on the page, I update late Wednesday nights when I get access to the episodes. Weird because I never see any of those couples interacting.

The ‘Are You the One?’ Tracker | 'Are You the One?' Tracker

Jacy seemed to get sick of his attitude, and I think Jacy and Simone are somewhat similar. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. My guesses are 1. Agreed, I really want to we a follow up reunion show to see which couples are still together!

Finally someone with the same as mine. We did this with science. I did mine with math: I did mine with a Perl script trying all 3,, combinations of matches. You have 1 of the combinations, and Stephanie H. So my guess which are right i cross evaluated lol Are: I totally got it: So, going with what we know already about the correct couples as well as doing the logical breakdown, here is what should be the final outcome: Jacy is now happily living in Florida while Chris is tearing up NYC, one eye flutter at a time dembabyblues.

This might be an AYTO success story after all! Kiki stuck by her man Kiki has since been competing in the Miss Hooters International competition, while Devin's bromance with Chuck led to the pair launching a band called Chuck and Big D. The reunion show revealed they were no longer a couple. Errr, it must still be a work in progress They weren't even a couple on AYTO, but fast forward to the reunion show and sparks flew! These two unlikely love birds are still together and doing it long distance. Curtis lives in Calif while Jenni is in Minnesota. They stayed together post AYTO, but just as Christina committed to move across the country to be with Brandon, he did the dirty on her - with a fellow cast member! Not only did they find their perfect match in a house of madness in Hawaii, they actually managed to stay together IRL!

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They've since had a baby girl called Scarlett and are happily married and living in Texas. These two hotties are still an item. Britni has moved to Hawaii to be with her man and the couple seem properly loved up. With your dream guy? We're not jealous at all Brit. BritniNicol 10 of A very sad truth booth told us early on in the series that these two were not a perfect match - but we had every faith in them as a couple. They seemed so inseparable. But sadly this twosome didn't last in the real world. Chris T has recently had a son with his girlfriend.

Jacy is now happily living in Florida, while Chris is tearing up NYC, one eye flutter at a time dembabyblues.

Cast your mind back to the very first season - and the first AYTO match to hit our screens. But if it was a saying, it probably would have come from Brandon. The house was furious when these two kept spending time together but were then confirmed to NOT be a perfect match. And they really did seem hot for each other not just a boom boom room special.

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Christina has since moved to California to continue her studies and work in business marketing. Paris is currently living in Colorado and working in HR. And would you believe it?